usage/licensing of photographs

As the sole creator of her work, Tina Jones remains sole owner of all copyrights for the photographs she produces – even after the sale of one of her works. When an image is purchased, what is actually happening is that Tina becomes “licensor” to the buyer who becomes the “licensee”. Understanding how Photo Usage Licensing works can be important because its dynamics affect the pricing of the works and the responsibilities of each party involved.

A Non-Exclusive license allows Tina to sell additional licenses of the same image to other parties under separate agreements.

One time Use License Agreements for Digital Images: This licensing arrangement provides the buyer/licensee with the right to use an image for any commercial, personal, non-profit or editorial projects involving advertising, print media, web site publication, or broadcast for a single instance. 

This is the default condition of sale: non-exclusive, One time Use.


Copyright and Credit: Implicit to any licensing agreement is the buyer/license’s agreement to credit the owner of the copyright (Tina Jones -Untamed Exposures) whenever any image is used.  No copyright or intellectual property is transferred at any point to the buyer/licensee. When possible, Tina will appreciate photo credits to include not only her name but a link to her web site:


Exclusive license can be purchased

An Exclusive license provides the buyer/licensee with an assurance that the same image will not be licensed to any third party for the duration of the agreement. Understandably these are the most expensive type of licenses since they deprive Tina from third party sales.

If you want to purchase an exclusive image from Tina, or and extended use license agreement, please describe precisely how you intend to use the image(s) and email her at Tina will then draft an appropriate license agreement and determine a price. Once the terms are agreed upon the images will be sent via email/internet along with an invoice and the licensing agreement after payment.